The FMI Champions League Blog is the blog supporting the twitter-based tipping competition where players tips (soccer) football matches, and compete in a week-to-week head-to-head League Championship.

The basis for the competition is tipping the results of football games (Win, Lose, Draw). If you tip correctly you score 1 point for that game.
Each round will consist of 7 games, with 4 of the games drawn from the English Premier League, and the other 3 consisting of other world leagues - sometimes Serie ABundesligaLa LigaLigue 1, or even the A-League.

Players tip the 7 games and their score is matched against an opponent, with the higher score winning (and earning 3 points. A loss earns 0 points, and a draw 1 point).

The Player with the most wins... well... wins!

Matches get selected and blogged, with a corresponding Typeform link where you select your tips from the matches. You can also DM them to the @FMIChamps account if needed.

Its a league system, so its all head to head. And this year the plan is to have 3 divisions of 10 players each and play 18 games before Christmas. Then there will be a short mid season break involving promotion and relegation of players through the divisions. After that, a second stage will be played of 18 games from January to April.

To round out the season, a finals series will be played over 4 weeks of April-May.

(Note: all Division 1 and 2 spots are filled, and new players will start in Division 3)

If your up for the commitment, take us on!

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