Monday, May 11, 2015


May 18:

And now we know our two FMICL Grand Finalists.
The weekends matches rounded out last night as:
1West Ham v Everton12A
2Man Utd v Arsenal11D
3Sunderland v Leicester00D
4Melb Victory v Sydney FC30H
AB Leverkusen v Hoffenheim20H
BSampdoria v Lazio01A
CVillareal v Malaga21H
Making the head-to-heads as:
Long time ladder leader the Sarge secures the first finals berth with a 4-3 win, and it's really all down to Lazio winning away in Genoa.
The challenge from 7th placed Ben runs aground early.

The other finalist will be:
FMI scores a big 4, but Ethan does what he has only done three times before in 40 weeks and scores a big 5 to snag the win.

So next week its all about 
for the inaugural FMI Champions League title.

Can the season long top performer complete the season and collect the trophy that has so long has his name post-it noted on it?

Will the fairytale of winning the title from 8th, and recovering from as low as 19th (after week 7) come true for Ethan?

(PS... For those wondering... the nominated colours by the players are for Plymouth Argyle and Accrington Stanley... who said football was only about the big teams.)

May 16:

Preliminary Finals tips are in... your chance at the big one rides on these;
West HaEvertonHDHA
Man UtdArsenalHHDD
Melb ViSydney HHDD
B LeverHoffenhHHHH
Difference Indicator43

As per the other finals, its highest score wins. But if a tie, then best score from first 4 wins. If that's still a tie, then its first to go ahead one by one in the next three.

May 11:

As mentioned in the results update from Week 40, your FMICL League season 1 Preliminary finalists are:
Sarge [regular season]: 21 wins, 8 draws, 10 losses and scoring 120 correct tips.
Ben [regular season]: 15 wins, 11 draws, 13 losses and scoring 110 correct tips.

FMI [regular season]: 17 wins, 12 draws, 10 losses and scoring 120 correct tips.
Ethan [regular season]: 14 wins, 13 draws, 12 losses and scoring 104 correct tips.

These are your games to tip:
1West Hamv Everton
2Man Utdv Arsenal
3Sunderlandv Leicester
4Melb Victoryv Sydney FC
AB Leverkusenv Hoffenheim
BSampdoriav Lazio
CVillarealv Malaga

Firstly, as before the winner will be the higher total aggregate score over the seven games.
But in the event of a tie, then its the higher score from games 1 to 4. If tied in those four, then it's first to score in the games A to C.

Secondly, yes the Melbourne - Sydney game result will be counted at the end of regular play (90min + stoppage time). No extra time or penalties are counted.

Finally, Please (!!!) don't leave it to the last minute to tip. If all four players tip very similar outcomes I have a selection of other games to add into the mix, and you must be prepared for that, and a little help in tipping earlier is appreciated. DM traffic on a Thursday night could be the go.

The link is here as usual. Tip away and good luck.

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