Tuesday, May 5, 2015


May 11:

With everyone tipping Genoa - Torino the same, we dont really need to wait for that game to play out before announcing our Semi-Final winners.
The matches played were:
1Newcastle v W B A11D
2Chelsea v Liverpool11D
3O Marseille v Monaco21H
4Hamburger SV v Freiburg11D
AB M'gladbach v B Leverkusen11D
BCelta Vigo v Sevilla11D
CGenoa v Torino

An end-of-season draw-fest.
Which makes the head to heads as:
Ben scoring with the Marseilles win and Celta-Sevilla draw, and now progresses to the Preliminary Final next weekend  .


Ethan gets the solitary winner with Monchengladback drawing with Leverkusen

So we farewell Henry and Hardsy, both players who have figured prominently in top 8 most of the season. Hardsy a former table leader, and Henry having sat outside the 8 only for 1 week (at tenth).
Well played and commiserations to both.

Onto the Prelims...
The next week will be:
Top of the table Sarge and the underdog BenC making a charge from seventh
(When last they met: Ben 1, Sarge 4)

and the other final is

Third after the season FMI meets the peoples champ Ethan looking to win from 8th.
(When last they met: FMI 2, Ethan 3) 

Blog post up with games later!!

PS... yes I am using the AFL Final Eight system.

May 9:

Edit: Ahem... slight adjustment as Lyon/Bordeaux is next weekend

About time I updated all your tips from yesterday!
NewcastW B AHHAA
O MarseMonacoAHAA
B M'glaB LeverAAAD
Celta VSevillaHDAA
Difference IndicatorBYE21
Hardsy and Ben could be decided in first four if needed, then in last three as well.
Henry and Ethan will need to focus on how well Leverkusen goes away from home.

May 8:

Confirmed Ben as winner of tie-breaker over Dem, therefore Week 40 games are confirmed as:

May 5:

OK... while we play a mid-week replay to determine the outcome of Ben vs Dem, the rest of you finalists need to get on with thinking about the next weekend.

So we look forward to Match Week 40 and these games to tip from.
1Newcastlev W B A
2Chelseav Liverpool
3O Marseillev Monaco
4Hamburger SVv Freiburg
AB M'gladbachv B Leverkusen
BCelta Vigov Sevilla
CGenoav Torino
As before, winner will be the higher total aggregate score over the seven games, but in the event of a tie, then its the higher score from games 1 to 4. If tied in those four, then its first to score in the games A to C.

Sitting out this week and waiting for Match Week 41 are
And playing are:

The link to tip is here as usual.

Good luck.

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