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May 8:

So, now back in Melbourne and behind trust PC, the weekend that never ends ... ends.
Matches to break the tie were (DemP's in DARK BLUE, Ben's in SKY BLUE)
Kashima Antlers   -   Draw   -   FC Seoul
Houston Dynamo   -   Draw   -   SJ Earthquakes
Yokohama F.M
  -   Draw   -   Nagoya
Results were a 3-2 win to Seoul, a 1-0 win to San Jose, and a 2-0 win to Yokohama.
That gives clear 3-0 win to Ben, who now progresses to play Hardsy.
Well played also Dem.

May 5:

OK... in this weekend that never ends, the replay is underway tonight.
To split Ben and Dem, I asked them to pick from these 5 match-ups:
Juventus   -   Real Madrid
Barcelona   -   Bayern Munchen
Kashima Antlers   -   FC Seoul
Gamba Osaka   -   Seongnam
Jeonbuk Motors   -   Shandong Luneng
This only brought 1 different pick, so to try the best to split them, they were then DM'ed to pick another
Houston Dynamo   -   SJ Earthquakes
Kawasaki Frontale   -   Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Yokohama F.M   -   Nagoya
Vegalta Sendai   -   Tokyo
This yielded 2 more different tips, and hopefully enough to get a result.

So the different tips are - DemP's in DARK BLUE, Ben's in SKY BLUE;
Kashima Antlers   -   Draw   -   FC Seoul
Houston Dynamo   -   Draw   -   SJ Earthquakes
Yokohama F.M
   -   Draw   -   Nagoya

Good luck guys, lets get a result.
(Note: will be played as higher total score wins, but if tied then first correct down the list wins)

May 3:

Before getting into the results, I have been thinking the usual weeks play revolves around all 7 games, so I think also the finals should also reflect this.
So as to the previously listed method to split players (total score from first 4 wins, after that, sudden death down the remaining three), I will employ this as a first up tie breaker.

Our first finals weekend results are known.
1Aston VillavEverton32H
AHoffenheimvB Dortmund11D
CSevillavR Madrid23A

Which makes the match-ups (across all 7 games as):
Sarge wins 3-2 across the 7 games, and FMI also with 4 scored. (Both also win 1-0 if the first 4 were used to split the players)
The Sarge and FMI both get a week off and move to the preliminary finals, while Hardsy and Henry use their double chance and play on next weekend.


Now it starts getting tricky... first to Emile and Ethan.
In the first 4 games the result is 1-1, with Emile scoring on Blackburn and Ethan on Swansea.
We then work down the list A to C to split players.
The Hoffenheim / Dortmund draw in the first of the three was tipped by Ethan, so he wins and progresses to the next round. Emile is eliminated.

With Dem and Ben, we have the same scoreline after the first 4 games (0-0), and no different tips after that.
So we need to refer to Rules 5d and e (from the 'Finals/Cup System' section) that says: 
     d) In the event that the rules above fail to separate the players, the seasons head-to-head results will be used, with away goals counted as double points if necessary.
     e) If this has still not clearly separated the two players, a coin toss will be employed. This will only be done in the presence of another independent member of the FMICL community.
Now then, since the league was only a one time match-up between players, we cant really use 'away goals' as there was no return leg (theres an error that needs fixing!!!).
SO we can use the score from their earlier head to head match which was in Match Week 16 and finished...

Oh dear. So its come down to a random event.

Or we could squeeze in a midweek shootout.
So lets break a rule and give both another shot:

Go on boys...Pick:
     Juventus   -   Real Madrid
     Barcelona   -   Bayern Munchen
     Kashima Antlers   -   FC Seoul
     Gamba Osaka   -   Seongnam
     Jeonbuk Motors   -   Shandong Luneng

Via DM before 7pm Tuesday.

May 2:

All the tips are in and the match-ups are:
Aston VEvertonAAAAAADA
HoffenhB DortmAAADADAA
SevillaR MadriAAAAAHAA
Difference Indicator3242

Now what is interesting here is that if any of the following players are tied after the first 3 games;
     Sarge and Henry
     Dem and Ben
Then the tie breakers do not split the teams.

Equally we could also have the same result for 
     Hardsy and FMI
     Emile and Ethan
if Hoffenheim defeat Dortmund.

Apr 28:

As mentioned in the Week 38 page, the finals are this week between:



These are your games to tip:
1Aston Villav Everton
2Swanseav Stoke
3Blackburnv Ipswich
4Forestv Cardiff
AHoffenheimv B Dortmund
BRomav Genoa
CSevillav R Madrid
Also also mentioned, the tipping is modified.
- Player with the best score for the total of games 1 to 4 is the winner. 
- If the result is tied in those games, the the whoever tips the first correct matchup down the list from A to C will be the winner.

Example: If Emile picks Hoffenheim v Dortmund as a 'Draw', and Ethan picks 'Away' and the result is a 'Draw', then Emile wins irrespective of the Roma/Genoa and Sevilla/Madrid results.

Got it?

Righto - link is here - tip away as you need.

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