Wednesday, July 20, 2016


So for those that saw these tweets, the process continues.

Current thinking is to run the comp for another year.
But under altered terms.

Under consideration.
 - Running the comp with 2 bigger divisions.
 - Split 50/50 (or nearest even break) between total players, returning and new. Max 20 per div.
 - Possible Christmas/New Year break, but no reshuffle via promotion/relegation at that time.
 - Cup to run, but on specific dates with all ties per cup round happening then.

As to scoring / tipping modes, the Cup with the margin tipping works really well and produces more results than not. Actual data, 6 draws in 31 games. But with a second method of splitting winners (using the aggregate difference in margin tipped), there was only one game that ended in a full draw.

The alternate system of picking H, D, A used in the League, produced a total of 128 draws from 576 matches. So on the whole most games were ending in results, which is good.

And more importantly, the HDA method is so much easier here at FMICL central to set-up and manage.

Also, to make things easier, I am considering dumping the Player of the Month and the Belts. Is just more stuff to manage, and time is against me now.

So with all that in mind I need a hands up on who is returning.

As per the rest of the competition - hit me up with your answer on THE LINK HERE.

With the EPL season starting on 13 August (Championship a week earlier!), I will need your confirmations asap.

And invite a friend or two as well...

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