Wednesday, May 3, 2017


May 7:


Have to admit I completely forgot about the competition until tonight.
I did not send out any reminders during the week, nor any DM's.
This is a usual thing I do to ensure I get all the tips in.
Because I didnt do this, I subsequently didnt get enough tips from everyone.

AND because this is a vital round, particularly in Div 2 with games to decide promotion, I've decided to not run this round, but instead re-run the round next week.

Will post a new weekly post soon.

May 3:

We come the last week of League play.
As per the last post, there is not much more than bragging rights to play for in Div 1, other than the relegation play-off battle between Dem and Rosso.

There is lots of combinations of outcomes in Div 2 though.
Six players are still eligable for the three promotion spots, either the two automatic or the one via a play-off.

Tip wisely.


All the games to choose.

1Swanseav Everton
2Arsenalv Man Utd
3Sheffield Wv Fulham
4Forestv Ipswich
5Sevillav R Sociedad
6B Dortmundv Hoffenheim
7Sydney FCv Mel Victory

You know the drill when it comes to lodging tips.

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